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Second Copy automatically copies files from one location to another.  You can copy your important data files to another location on your local hard drive, network hard drive, floppy disks, Zip drives, Jaz drives, or CD-R/RWs.  You can copy files as they are from the source location to the destination location or you can compress them to save disk space.


There are many uses of Second Copy.  Just to list a few: you can use it to copy files as a reliable backup, transfer files between your laptop and the desktop, copy files from the local hard drive to a network drive, or even to transfer files between work and home computers for people who often bring work home.


The next few pages will give you a brief tour of the basic functionality of Second Copy and show you how to create a simple profile that defines what files to copy, where to copy them, when to copy them, and how to copy them.