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Second Copy is packed with powerful features for most backup needs.  Please don't be fooled by Second Copy's simple interface.  We kept it simple for the 90% of the people who don't like to worry about backups and are not so computer literate.  The basic interface provides all important functions to perform a reliable backup for them. However, there are many advanced features kept out of the way for advanced computer users, by avoiding clutter and complicated interface. These advanced features are well designed and documented.


A brief overview of major features in Second Copy:

Automatic backup with easy to setup wizard
Many copy modes such as Simple Copy, Exact Copy, Compress, Move, Two-way synchronization
Flexible scheduling options
Copy open (in-use) files for non-compressed mode  (For 32-bit operating systems only)
Support for Windows Volume Shadow Copy
Support for Unicode characters
Restore option
FTP support
Enhanced compression with upto 256-bit AES encryption
Email notification
Change the drive letter for all profiles easily
Copy when files change
Run as a service
Preview profile activity before running
Ignore files newer/older than date/days
Command line options