Thank you for downloading Second Copy® 9


If the download does not start automatically in a few seconds, then please download Second Copy manually by clicking on the link below:
Manually Download Second Copy 9.

You can install Second Copy by running the downloaded file (Sc9.exe).

When Second Copy is installed and started successfully, you will see the Second Copy icon in system tray. Left mouse click on this icon to open the main Second Copy window. (If you do not see the Second Copy icon in the system tray next to the clock then make sure that it is not hidden by Windows.)

Google Chrome Warning: If you are using Google Chrome to download Second Copy then you may receive a message "Sc9.exe appears malicious". This is a false warning. We have contacted Google to correct the issue.  We have also made sure that Second Copy software does not contain any virus, malware, badware, trojan, or any other dangerous software that is downloaded from our website. Please ignore this false message from Google chrome, and continue to download Second Copy.