Reviews of Second Copy - automatic backup software

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"The easiest and the least expensive"

 ZDNet UK (TechRepublic)


"When your business is small, the easiest (and least expensive) way to back up your data may be to use a program such as Second Copy to run in the background and make a copy of your data files to another location, such as another server on the network."

- Deb Shinder
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"A gem"

 The Sunday Times (London)


"Second Copy, a simple-looking application that is full of hidden depths... Had one of the big companies come out with this gem, you would be paying £50 or more. Centered charge just £20.50 [US$29.95] online."

- David Hewson
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"My fave"

 PC World


"My fave. I use it for quick backups to my extra hard drive. Try it a couple of times and wonder how you did without it."

- Steve Bass
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"Pick of the week"


 Shareware Hall of Fame

"demonstrating the highest standards available today in shareware"

- Microsoft and WUGNET
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"Remarkably easy to use"

 ZD Net

 Highest 5-star rating

"Second Copy is remarkably easy to use and is a wonderful way to keep your word processor, spreadsheet, database, and other important original files safe, especially when you use it to back up to a drive other than your local hard disk."

- ZD Net reviewer
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 PC World


"So I'm always looking for better ways to prevent and recover from disaster. Besides backing up to tape frequently, I also use Second Copy, an ultracool program that must have been designed with me in mind."

- Steve Bass @Home column
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"Best backup program"

 The Syracuse Newspapers

 Al Fasoldt Top 10

"Second Copy has my vote for the best modern what-you-really-need backup program, because it’s super-smart and superbly easy to set up."

- Al Fasoldt Syndicated columnist

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  Company   Country
ABB Industrial Systems AB Sweden
Abbott Labs USA
ARCO Alaska, Inc. USA
BEA Systems, Inc. USA
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company USA
Cerestar GmbH Germany
Deutsche Telekom AG Germany
Dubai Petroleum Company U.A.E.
Education Development Center USA
Gulf Coast Authority USA
Hoechst AG Germany
Intel Corporation USA
M3i Systems, Inc. Canada
National Semiconductor Corporation USA
Nat'l Pork Producers Council USA
Nortel Networks USA
OLSY/Olivetti Belgium Belgium
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Canada
PanAtlas Energy Inc. Canada
Parkland Health & Hospital System USA
Philip Morris SA / MAYA Turkey
Prentice Hall Australia Australia
Radio Free Asia USA
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems USA
Silicon Graphics UK
Sprint USA
The Boston Consulting Group Germany
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office USA