Invalid License Domain.

The requested InstantASP Ltd application is not licensed for this address. A valid license key could not be found within \\HOSTING\DFS\20\2\5\2\2079562252\user\sites\\www\kb\license.config.

If your attempting to access this application via an additional domain name or IP address, you must purchase an additional license for this address. Please visit our web site and purchase another license ensuring you provide the new full address during the checkout process. A license key and installation instructions will be immediatly sent via email for this new domain name upon a successful transaction.

If your attempting to access the application using a local network machine name for internal development purposes please contact You should provide a comma delimited list of the internal development system addresses. An updated license file will be provided free of charge for the internal addresses.

To run the application on an unlimited number of domains requires the unlimited URL license. Please contact for more information.

If you have any questions or problems regarding licensing please don't hesitate to contact If you find the current licensing restrictive and you don't believe your situation requires any additional licenses please contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements.