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For Immediate Release
  July 15, 2023
Contact: Suda Pethe

Backup Software You'll Really Use

Falls Church, Virginia -- Centered Systems has released 64-bit version of Second Copy 9.5, an application that protects the files and folders on your Windows computer by making it so simple to make backups, you'll actually do it. Unlike complicated backup software that requires you to understand your computer's internal file structure, Second Copy's wizard makes it easy to point to the files that you want to save, group them logically, and schedule each group for automatic backup.

Second Copy 9 works with all versions of Windows 7 and later including Windows 11. As the name implies, Second Copy makes a "second copy" of your files. Second Copy does not copy files in any proprietary format. Therefore you can easily restore your files and folders onto any Windows PC, even if it doesn't have Second Copy installed. Widely used since its original release in 1989, Second Copy is stable, reliable, and fast.

Second Copy includes the ability to copy open files, support for Unicode, and the ability to copy files and folders with long names.

Second Copy works with all of your drives, including local hard drives, network hard drives, external USB removable drives, thumb drives, flash drives, floppies, Jaz, and Zip drives, CD-R/RWs and DVD-R/RWs.

At work, Second Copy simplifies moving data from your local drive to the network drive. At home, you can transfer files and folders from your laptop to your desktop, or just use the software to regularly back up your valuable data files such as .documents, music, photos, and emails.

Business people and new computer users like Second Copy because the wizard makes it easy to copy, move, compress, and synchronize files and folders. The wizard walks you through every option, and explains your choices in simple English. The built-in scheduler lets you make regular backups without having to babysit the process each time. It can even copy files that are open and being used at the time the backup takes place.

Computer consultants, network administrators, and power users like Second Copy because it has all the features that they need to make copies exactly the way they want them. Second Copy includes support for Unicode characters, built-in FTP support, secure 256-bit AES encryption, and email notification. The program can ignore files that are newer or older than a particular date or a specified number of days. Second Copy can be set up to run as a service. In addition to running the program automatically, you can preview each backup profile before building the backup archive. You can even run Second Copy from the Windows command line.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who needs to ensure that you have off-site backup of all of your important Windows files and folders, a network administrator who is responsible for backing up mission-critical data for the entire company, or a home computer user who needs to protect family photos and financial information, Second Copy has the tools that you need.

Second Copy runs under Windows 7 and above including Windows 11. costs $29.95(US) for a single user license, and may be purchased securely online from Multi-user discounts are available. You can download a trial version from the same web address.

For more information, contact Centered Systems, 7137 Oak Ridge Road, Falls Church, VA 22042-2561 USA. Internet: Email: Phone: (703) 876-0381.

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100% functional evaluation copy available on request or can be downloaded from the web site.


About Centered Systems:
Since 1989, Centered Systems has been publishing innovative Windows utility software. Centered Systems' flagship application is Second Copy, a software application that makes it simple to automatically back up files and folders.  Second Copy has won the International Peoples Choice Award at the annual Software Industry Conference seven times.  It has received the highest rating on many download sites including CNet, Tucows, PCWorld. In May, 2008, PC Magazine listed Second Copy 7 in its 23 most powerful utilities.  It was also recommended in the Consumer Reports magazine.