Network Installation

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For Second Copy 9
Second Copy application should be installed and run on each system. It should not be run from a shared network drive. However, you can run the Second Copy 9 installation program (sc9.exe) on various client systems from a shared network drive.

To simplify the installation process, you can prepare a profiles.dat file with proper registration information on one system and have it automatically copied to the client systems during installation.

1. Install Second Copy 9 on one system using the sc9.exe installation program.

2. Enter the registration code for your multi-user license

3. Create any default profiles you want every user to have

4. Copy the profiles.dat file (a hidden file in Second Copy folder) from this system to a network directory along with the sc9.exe program

Now you can tell other users to install Second Copy 9 from the network drive by running sc9.exe. This will run the installation and copy the registration key with any predefined profiles to the users' system. You can even automate this process by including this command in your user's login script (make sure that it only gets run once).

Note: Second Copy stores the profiles and settings information in a hidden file called "profiles.dat" under "\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Centered Systems\Second Copy" folder. (where, <Username> is the currently logged in username.

Another way to find out where the profiles.dat file is located, please select Help > About on the main Second Copy window. Then press Ctrl + I. This will open another window showing the location of the profiles.dat file.

Silent installation

If you don't want your users to answer all the installation script questions, you can ask them to run "sc9.exe /SP /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES" to do a silent install. This will install Second Copy on their systems with default values.