Home : How do I install Second Copy 7 on the network computers so that the users will have the "standard" profiles?
Q10097 - INFO: How do I install Second Copy 7 on the network computers so that the users will have the "standard" profiles?
1. Follow the instructions for Network Installation at the link below:
2.  Second Copy 7 stores its profiles and settings information in a hidden file called "profiles.dat" under "\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Centered Systems\Second Copy" folder. (where, Username is the currently logged in username.) Copy the standard profiles.dat file that you created using the instructions above to each individual user's Second Copy folder under Documents and Settings folder.
In Windows 9x/Me, the above file is stored under "\Program Files\SecCopy" folder. (or where Second Copy is installed.)
Alternatively, you can use the common file for profiles.dat for all logged in users on the machine.  (This used to be the default in Second Copy 2000.  However, in Second Copy 7 by default each logged in user would have a separate profiles.dat and log.rtf file)  To have a common profiles.dat file for all logged in users, before you distribute the profiles.dat file to the network computers, edit this file using Notepad. 
Add the following parameter in the [General] section of the profiles.dat file.

Once this option is set, all local users will have a common profiles.dat and log.rtf files.  Then copy the edited profiles.dat file to the network computers in the same folder as that of the Second Copy folder where it is installed.  By default Second Copy is installed under \Program Files\SecCopy.
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