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Q10076 - INFO: Second Copy does not copy files that are in use (by design)

This is by design. If you are copying, moving or synchronizing files you will see an error in the Log.

The reason:Copying in-use files does not guarantee the integrity of files. Most back up programs do not copy files that are in-use by another application because you may copy a portion of the file and before you copy the other portion of the same file, the controlling application may write something in the old area (that has been already copied).

When Second Copy copies files, it must ensure the integrity of each file. To achieve this, Second Copy temporarily locks the source file before copying it. The lock prevents other programs from writing to the file until Second Copy is done copying it.

The in-use files fall into three categories:

1. The underlying application has no lock on the file.  In this case Second Copy can copy the file safely.  For example, Notepad.

2. The underlying application has locked the file with sharing so that other applications are allowed to read it.  In this case Second Copy could copy the file under certain circumstances.  For example, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

3. The underlying application has lock the file exclusively.  In this case Second Copy cannot copy the file.  For example, Microsoft Access database opened in Exclusive mode, Microsoft Outlook.

In the current version of Second Copy there is an option to attempt to copy the files that are in-use by other programs. Whether this attempt is successful or not depends on how well the other program follows the Win32 file locking conventions. To see if this will work for you on your system in Second Copy 7/2000 go to the Advanced Properties dialog for the profile. In Second Copy 97 go to Edit | Options | Copy and select the "try to copy file..." option.

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