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Q10041 - INFO: Daylight Savings Time change may cause recopy of files

 If you are copying files from a Win9x machine across the network to or from a Windows NT machine with an NTFS file system, and you have selected the "automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time" on the NT system, you may see some files getting recopied after a change in the daylight savings time, even though the files have not changed.

Windows NT/2000 adds or subtracts one hour from the NTFS file's time stamp when the files are viewed across the network from a Windows 9x system. So the files appear one hour newer or older after the daylight savings time and Second Copy recopies them. For more information on this issue see the Microsoft's knowledge base article Q129574.

This is caused by the way Microsoft designed the handling of daylight savings time on Windows NT/2000 systems.

We have attemted to fix the DayLight Saving Time issue as described at the link below:



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